The cut, drape and fall of the garment is what brings in a distinct look to an outfit, and for us, these are the areas of highlight. We push our creative abilities to create ensembles that are glamorous and provocative, and are certainly not for the timid clientele, as every outfit at JN is ornamented with beads and weaving look embroidery adorning feminine, figure hugging cuts. We realise the magic that a designer can cast by blending together things which, though have nothing in common, have equally beautiful stories to tell. And so, from a designer's viewpoint, there is a possibility of bringing together the vibrant colours from china, the grace of a French evening gown and an Indian tribal headdress in one single scenario and create something breathtaking. And so, we found our strength in fusion wear with a simple philosophy that there exists only one world of fashion, where styles inspire styles and designs inspire designs.

We want to express the spirit of feminism in creation with all its innumerable hues and shades, and have a reflection of life in all its forms. So, our new collection is an effort where Elegance doesn't mean getting noticed, it means being remembered. Our clothes represent Modern India, which is grown with our rich heritage and culture and has also welcomed the beauty of other worlds. And so, we present a collection which has straight lines, fluid cuts and vibrant shades and has an innovative and abstract style of minimalism. Playing in an arena where clones can be produced at the blink of an eye, Niket and Jainee have struggled to make a mark and have achieved their forte in contemporary cuts in indo-western outfits dyed in sub muted hue.