An artist is that prophet who makes emotion come alive, tangibly…

…From the serenity found in the temples of Khajuraho to the hustle-bustle of the city of New Delhi, from an exhilarating "War with Style" to a peace established, from a solitary being to the establishment of a team… JN’s started small, dreamt big, with a strong desire of blending the dreams conceived with the world of reality.

We found our strength in fusion wear with a simple philosophy that there exists only one world of fashion. Being a support system for each other, JN’s is in itself a fusion of thoughts, styles and designs. Our clothes represent Modern India, which is grown with our rich heritage and culture and has also welcomed the beauty of other worlds. JN's is essentially a tag which carries with it the warmth of tradition and a personal touch which makes it special for both of us. Together we have created a medium through which we can make the best use of each other's potentials and skills, striving to blend them perfectly in union with style and colour. Through this, we hope to spread happiness and colour and reach out to the world with our creations.

A cosmopolitan outlook that doesn’t shy away from experimentation, the JN look is all about gusto with the right twang of feminine flirtatiousness. Playing in an arena where clones can be produced at the blink of an eye, Niket and Jainee have struggled to make a mark and have achieved their forte in contemporary cuts in indo-western outfits dyed in sub muted hues. Each challenge we are faced with is greeted with happiness and embraced with enthusiasm which reflects in the designs which are then created.